Placement For Lower Implants


Dentures includes placement of
4-5 lower implants

*Does not include implant activation, extraction, permanent reline like on the dentures page Book an Appointment
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Make Your Smiles

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We take same-day appointments and have little to no wait times. We provide free comprehensive exam and x-rays ($189 value) and offer oral sedation options to put you at ease. Not only will we file your insurance for you but we aid in affordable financing through care credit and other financing options.

Meet Dr. Stephen Brown, DDS

As an accomplished pilot of over 32 years, former football star at University of Wyoming, and over 35 years of experience as a dentist, Dr. Brown understands the importance of focus and discipline. Believing that excellence in anything you do requires meticulous attention to detail and the mental discipline to remain focused, he has used these same principles in building his dental practice. When it comes to your dental care, Dr. Brown offers uncompromising standards of education, skill, and experience to provide you with the extraordinary smile of your dreams.

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