As with many aspects of modern healthcare, changes in the dental profession are occurring at “warp” speed. It is not a luxury to stay on top of the great advances in one’s field, but is a basic necessity. These ever advancing changes allows a true professional to provide the greatest, most up-to-date treatment modalities to maintain one’s health at an optimum level throughout a patient’s life. Throughout my career, a sense of pride, accomplishment and a high level of satisfaction has been achieved via community service. Helping those less fortunate or in greater need has always been the "icing" on the cake of my time as a dental professional. I also give back to the University of Wyoming, using my piloting skills to transport the coaches and Athletic Director on recruiting trips.

Keeping active in one's chosen professional endeavors enhances a practitioner's ability to keep his "finger" on not only the communities' thoughts and perceptions of current trends and expectations, but to also have an impact on these thoughts and perceptions. Many changes are occurring not only in our Country, but throughout the world. I have found it is much better to be a leader than a follower. From an early age, mechanical systems and things have held a fascination for me. This fascination has led me to obtaining my pilot’s license. Travels have taken me all around the good ole USA and as far south as Copan, Honduras. Other passions include Skiing, playing handball, rebuilding antique motorcycles and cooking.

Meet Dr. Stephen Brown, DDS

Because of his previous experience as a pilot for over 30+ years, a former star football player at the University of Wyoming, and over 35 years in dentistry, Dr. Brown knows the importance of discipline and focus. He believes that in order to achieve excellence in anything you do, you have to have a meticulous attention to detail as well as the right mentality to stay focused. He has applied this philosophy to all of his endeavors—even when building his dental practice. When it comes to patients’ dental care, Dr. Brown provides the highest standards of dental education, experience, and skill in order to create life-long, extraordinary smiles.

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