Contouring and Reshaping

Dental contouring and reshaping can change the shape, length, or surface of one or more teeth, resulting in a more improved appearance. Tooth contouring and reshaping is a cosmetic solution that involves making changes to the tooth for minor problems, such as slightly overlapping or irregularly shaped teeth, or small chips in the teeth.

In tooth reshaping and contouring, the dentist will remove a small amount of tooth enamel from the affected tooth so they can alter its shape, length, or surface.They may use a polishing instrument to eliminate imperfections found across the surface of the teeth, as well as contour the sides of teeth.

The tooth reshaping process is often done in conjunction with dental bonding, in which the dentist will apply a tooth-colored composite resin in places that require it. Composite resin is a material that is easily malleable, which allows your dentist to shape and sculpt it to acquire a desirable shape, similar to your natural teeth. Once the tooth reshaping and contouring process is complete, the dentist will smooth and polish the teeth, finishing with a perfect smile.

Benefits of Contouring and Reshaping

  • Cost-effective – Tooth contouring and reshaping is an inexpensive solution to improve your smile. The procedure is generally an inexpensive and minimal investment per tooth, depending on the work that needs to be done.
  • Painless procedure – There is no discomfort associated with the procedure and there is no need for anesthesia to perform cosmetic contouring.