Teeth Whitening

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments requested by patients, teeth whitening is a process used to make your teeth appear whiter by removing stains or discolorations, which results in a more radiant and healthy smile.

However, even consistent good dental habits cannot fully correct discolored teeth. It’s for this reason that our office offers teeth whitening treatments for all of our patients looking to give their smile that sparkle they’ve been searching for. We use an enhanced bleaching solution that is placed over the teeth for the whitening process. The bleaching agent will create a consistent lightened appearance across all teeth, making the color less concentrated. Our dentists will make sure that your gums and mouth are fully protected from the solution, by applying a special protective gel. Usually, patients experience tooth sensitivity after the treatment because of the effect the bleaching agent has on the enamel. The sensitivity is only temporary and will wear off over time.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  • Brightens your smile – Teeth whitening is a wonderful way to enhance the appearance of your smile, giving it a brighter, healthier look.
  • More effective solution than alternative treatments – A teeth whitening treatment from our dental office is stronger, and therefore more effective as a whitening solution than traditional, over-the-counter whitening treatments.