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Dentist office in Greeley

Feb 26, 2020

At Affordable Dental Clinics, you can count on expert and experienced care, with personalized attention based on your specific needs and preferences. We specialize in restorations, but are also pleased to provide cosmetic treatment, extractions, root canal, and more. And with All-on-4, you can enjoy the replacement of multiple teeth using state-of-the-art dental implants instead of an old-fashioned bridge. It’s one of the unique services that sets apart our dentist in Greeley from the pack.

An initial oral examination is essential for our valued patients so that any cavities are identified and filled promptly, making the possibility of complications less likely. And on a similar note, your gums will benefit from a six month visit to our dentist in Greeley. Early stage gum disease, gingivitis, produces mild irritation and redness, but the later stage (periodontitis) can ultimately cause you to lose gum and bone tissue, resulting in loose teeth. A teeth cleaning twice per year will assist in avoiding that outcome. Our dentist in Greeley places crowns (also called caps), traditional bridges, dentures, and of course, dental implants. Veneers, bonding, and teeth whitening comprise our cosmetic offerings, and they, along with implants (including All-on-4) can be put together in various combinations for the ultimate smile. You can also get a full mouth reconstruction, which is the process of rebuilding and/or replacing most or all of your teeth. What was once nearly impossible has been made a reality by advancements in dental technology. And because problems don’t occur on a schedule, you can count on emergency treatment for toothaches and dental trauma. For an appointment to come in for routine care, an acute concern, or an urgent matter, simply reach out and contact our office. We will schedule you to come in and see our dentist in Greeley. For emergencies, you will be seen as quickly as possible.

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