Goods and Drinks Linked to Excellent Oral Health

Jan 01, 2023

3 Major Tips for Maintaining Excellent Dental Health

Dental health cannot be effective through one dental measure. Instead, practice consistent habits that cater to different facets of your oral cavity. Some tips for excelling in oral health are:

  1. Good oral hygiene – keeping your mouth clean is fundamental for good dental health. Teeth brushing and flossing are crucial parts of your oral hygiene. Do not skip a day without cleaning your mouth.

  2. Visit your dentist regularly – general dentistry does not exist to cater to oral problems. Instead, dental experts hope that everyone will prioritize their oral health enough to visit them often. Routine dental visits are necessary for dental cleanings and checkups. They are preventive measures that help maintain excellent dental health.

  3. Eat healthily – foods and drinks directly impact your dental health.

10 Top Foods and Drinks for Excellent Dental Health

Generally, your Greeley dentist will tell you to eat healthily and care for your teeth. However, you can intentionally choose foods that benefit your oral health, including the following:

  1. Dairy products like yogurt, milk, and cheeses – are rich in calcium, which promotes strong and healthy teeth and bones. The vitamins and minerals from these foods are crucial for healthy teeth without being too hard or abrasive to damage the enamel.

  2. Dark-green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, and collard greens – have high levels of calcium and other nutrients like iron. They are incredible for oral and body health.

  3. Carrots – are very healthy food items to incorporate into your daily means. They are rich in keratin and vitamin A, which are nutrients that can help repair enamels. Besides, when you eat raw carrots, they help clean teeth to remove surface plaque and food residues.

  4. Celery – has similar benefits as carrots. It contains keratin and vitamin K, which are great nutrients for sustaining healthy teeth. Besides, Vitamin K helps transport calcium around the body. Celery also acts as a natural toothbrush like carrots and is also said to help fight gum disease and increase saliva production.

  5. Water – of all the foods you could eat to better your dental health, water is the best. It helps flush out toxins from your body, benefiting your oral and general health alike. More specifically, water boosts saliva’s activity for neutralizing acidity in the mouth. Balancing the pH levels of your mouth lowers the risk of most dental problems we treat at Affordable Dental Clinics, like dental cavities and gum disease.

  6. Almonds – snacking between meals is one of the practices that can damage teeth over time. The reason is that people snack on sugary and overly salty foods that can damage teeth. Instead, consider snacks like almonds that richly provide calcium and protein while being low in sugar.

  7. Salmon – is among the top healthiest foods to consume regularly because it contains low fat and high protein. The proteins help maintain gum health, reducing your trips to a dental clinic near you to repair damaged soft and muscle tissues around the body. Besides, salmon has plenty of vitamin D that prompts the body to absorb calcium for building strong and healthy bones and teeth.

  8. Lean meat – contains phosphorus, a necessary mineral for building healthy teeth. If you lack phosphorus in your diet, your teeth could start chipping, regardless of your intake of calcium and vitamin D. Consider also lean meat like chicken as an incredible source of protein for sustaining healthy gums.

  9. Apples – fruits should always be part of a healthy diet. However, the types of fruits you eat can influence your dental health positively or otherwise. Apples are examples of great fruits that benefit oral health. The crunchy can brush your teeth naturally like carrots and celery. Besides, the low acidity levels protect your teeth’ enamel. Be careful with acidic fruits like oranges. Although they are great for your health, they have high acidity that can damage teeth. After eating such fruits, consider taking more water to regulate acidity in your mouth.

  10. Tea – black or green tea without sugar can be good for your teeth. It keeps your kith hydrated by increasing saliva. Besides, tea is a natural source of fluoride, an element that strengthens teeth and increases their resistance to dental cavities.

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