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Dental plaque in Greeley

Feb 26, 2020

With good nutrition, attention to oral hygiene at home, and a complete oral examination and a teeth cleaning here at Affordable Dental Clinics twice per year, there is every reason to feel confident about effectively addressing the consequences of dental plaque. And doing so is a key aspect of promoting and maintaining a mouth full of cavity-free teeth and pink, vibrant gums.

What exactly is dental plaque and what does it do to harm your oral wellness? It’s a filmy bacterial substance whose acids decay tooth structure and irritate, inflame, and infect gums. It can only do that, though, when it has access to the surfaces of your hard and soft tissue. At the top of the list is prevention. Sugars in your diet, which include starchy items like bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice are what fuels the growth of dental plaque, so limit them to the extent you can. Also every time you brush your teeth, you are removing most, if not all, of the dental plaque on your teeth and at the gum line at that time. Our Greeley dentist office recommends that you brush after meals along with when you wake up and before you go to sleep for the best possible results. Flossing at bedtime is also crucial. By the time you are ready for your six month oral examination and teeth cleaning at our Greeley dentist office, you may have developed some tartar buildup, which is caused by plaque that remains in your mouth after your oral hygiene efforts. A professional teeth cleaning, though, will eradicate tartar, along with any leftover plaque. And if you have any signs of early stage gum disease, they will be reversed by the cleaning.

There is no doubt that our Greeley dentist office is a fundamental part of stopping the impact of dental plaque, so contact us now to book your next visit.

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