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Root canal therapy in Greeley

Feb 26, 2020

Affordable Dental Clinics specializes in Greeley root canal therapy as well as other dental procedures to help save patient’s teeth so they can have the healthiest teeth possible throughout their lifetime. Our dentist, Dr. Stephen E. Brown, is a man of many accomplishments who prides himself on maintaining a practice with only the highest standards in dentistry, With over 30 years of experience and expertise. Call today to find out more about our excellent customer service and care.

We know how important it is to our patients that they have healthy teeth and also a full set of teeth. We only perform extractions when absolutely necessary, preferring to save patient’s teeth if possible. Dental crowns are placed over the teeth after a Greeley root canal procedure to save the natural tooth. Dental implants and crowns are a great way to restore your smile if teeth have been extracted or are missing. An implant is made from high quality titanium and used as a root that replaces the natural root of a tooth. Implants are then surgically implanted into the bone of the jaw, upon which an artificial tooth can be placed on top of it months later. This tooth colored crown is cemented right over the titanium root, which is strong and durable. In fact, implants are often stronger than a natural tooth’s root. The tooth colored crown also blends in very easily with other teeth. Our preventive program includes controlling harmful foods that can affect the teeth and employing proper daily brushing and flossing. Besides a Greeley root canal, some of our other restorative services include implants, veneers, dentures and bridges. Our state of the art offices are equipped with the latest dental equipment and procedural methods employed. All procedures are done in our offices and in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

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