How to Brush and Floss Dental Bridges?

Nov 01, 2022

Dental bridges are recommended by dentists as an affordable restorative option to replace missing teeth in the anterior region of the mouth. Dental bridges comprise three or more crowns with a bridge between them attached with special cement mounted on your natural teeth after reshaping them to accommodate the crowns and bridge.

The dentist in Greeley, CO, suggests you have dental bridges placed if you miss two or more teeth consecutively in a row, with porcelain or ceramic bridges if the teeth are visible when smiling. The bridges are crafted by dentists and skilled technicians in dental laboratories to ensure the replacement teeth appear like your natural teeth and do not make it obvious you are a victim of tooth loss.

After you get dental bridges to replace your lost teeth and close the edentulous gaps in the mouth, you can rest assured the replacement teeth will last for over 15 years if cared for appropriately, as suggested by the Greeley dentist. The instructions provided by the dentist include cleaning the dental bridge properly by brushing and flossing daily and using special tools to clean under the bridges.

Brushing and Flossing Dental Bridges

You might not think dental cleaning bridges is a monumental task if you are used to brushing and flossing every morning and night. However, have you wondered how to get between your dental bridge and the fake teeth it supports? If you haven’t, you must discuss the matter with the Greeley dentist to receive suggestions to use unique products specifically designed to clean dental bridges.

While you can brush your natural teeth as usual and floss them, you will be challenged when trying to get between artificial teeth holding the dental bridge in place. Dentists suggest using a soft-bristled toothbrush with nonabrasive toothpaste to appropriately clean the dental crown and the bridge between them. Likewise, flossing between the dental bridge poses challenges because the crowns are all attached and do not allow the floss to pass.

You must also clean under the fake tooth bridge, which might appear as a new problem. However, it is crucial to ensure you clean all surfaces of your teeth and the dental bridge to ensure no plaque remains behind to cause infections that might need further treatment for tooth infections from the endodontist in Greeley, CO. Therefore, you help yourself by asking for suggestions and learning from the Greeley dentist how to clean dental bridges appropriately to maintain your artificial teeth and dental health optimal.

Flossing under Dental Bridges

Flossing under dental bridges requires investing in a floss threader or an interdental brush. You can also consider supporting a water pick because it is an excellent option.

The length of dental floss helpful in cleaning interdental spaces between your teeth will not work appropriately with dental bridges because they are joint restorative devices making it difficult for the dental floss to pass between the teeth within the bridge from the top. Therefore it becomes evident that you cannot floss between bridges as you do with your teeth. Unfortunately, you cannot leave the restoration uncleaned because it soon accumulates dental plaque under it, making you vulnerable to infections like gum disease and tooth decay to the surrounding teeth that might require therapies from the emergency dentist near me for the teeth with fillings.

You find it comfortable to clean around and under a removable dental bridge if you had a front tooth replaced with a Maryland bridge attached to the neighboring teeth with porcelain or metal wings to support a smile makeover after losing a front tooth. However, all other dental bridges require additional investment in handheld Waterpik to clean under the dental bridge.

If you think investing in Waterpik costs more, you can look for interdental flossers available from drugstores and convenience stores because cleaning around and under the dental bridge remains vital to keep your dental health in excellent condition. While a water pick is the most effective cleaning tool to remove dental plaque and debris from under the bridge, you can also use floss threaders to help you to clean under the dental bridge and around the crowns where food particles and debris remain trapped to create infections in your mouth.

After getting replacement teeth with dental bridges, you must care for them as your natural teeth. Failure to maintain the dental bridge appropriately will shorten its lifespan and impact your smile if you need more replacement teeth in your mouth because improper cleaning of the dental prosthetic makes it essential for you to seek replacements for your artificial teeth.

If you are finding it challenging to maintain your dental bridge, Affordable Dental Clinics can help you out with suggestions on how to keep your dental bridge or even provide new bridges for missing teeth. Therefore you help yourself by establishing contact with this practice to get your replacement teeth from an experienced dentist.

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