How to heal faster after bone graft

How to Heal Faster After a Bone Graft

Mar 01, 2023

At Affordable Dental Clinics, we usually do bone graft treatments before dental implants in the case of an insufficient jawbone. Bone grafting is essential as it enables the implant to withstand pressure when chewing or biting. The procedure is done carefully and professionally to ensure a quick recovery. Here are tips on providing that your graft is healing faster.

Protect your Graft from Infection

Infection is a common cause of bone graft failure. Ensure that the area surrounding the graft is clean and dry. Avoid contact with infected people; you will need a healthy immune system to speed up recovery. Contact our dental clinic near you immediately if you develop an infection.

Reduce Swelling

It is normal to experience swelling after the surgery. However, it can interfere with the blood flow around the site. Try to control the swelling as quickly as possible by using ice packs. Place an ice pack for an extended period of twenty minutes to reduce inflammation and swelling. Alternate placing the ice pack for twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off to avoid tissue damage.

If your jaw becomes stiff and the swelling persists for several days, don’t be concerned, as it is a normal reaction. The pain and the swelling should subside more and more as you move away from the day of the surgery. Visit your dentist if the symptoms worsen.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking can have a significant impact on the healing process of your bone graft. A number of health issues have been shown to be caused by smoking. It also increases the risk of dental problems such as tooth loss or periodontitis. Quit smoking to improve your bone graft healing process by reducing pain and inflammation.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is a great way to speed up healing after a bone graft surgery. Food intake will be limited, and it’s vital to ensure what you eat gives you more strength, less discomfort, and faster healing. The diet should consist of soft, nutritious foods. This will promote cell regeneration and growth on the recovering site. While taking beverages, avoid using straws, as the sucking motion can disturb or dislodge the graft. If your bone grafting in Greeley, CO, was done under IV sedation, ensure that you take at least six glasses of water to avoid dehydration.

Avoid hot beverages or foods until you stop bleeding. Taking cold substances such as milkshakes, yogurt, apple sauce, or pudding can be soothing and comfortable for the surgical site. As you transition to your regular diet, avoid chewy or crunchy snacks such as candy, popcorn, or potato chips until your gums have healed fully.
While chewing, use the side of your mouth opposite the surgical site. Go for soft foods that are high calory, high in proteins and vitamins. Don’t skip meals; increase your fluid consumption in the first two days.

Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene will help protect your healing site from infections. Continue with your oral hygiene routine after the surgery. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush gently around your mouth. Keep off the surgical site to avoid disturbing the bone graft area. Please don’t use an electric toothbrush or water floss on the site, as they could harm the healing place. Rinse your mouth using warm salty water gently after every meal. Rinsing your mouth with salted warm water will fight off infections and enhance blood flow around the bone graft. Use prescribed mouthwashes by your dentist in Greeley, CO, three times a day.


During the first two to three days, let your body rest and avoid doing physically strenuous activities. Avoid physical movements such as lifting, bending, or running to minimize swelling. While sleeping, keep your head elevated with a pillow while resting or sleeping. Your resting routine could include watching your favorite Netflix show or soaking in a bath while reading a novel with scented candles. You can return to your regular routine after three days. Remember to start with lightweight exercises; stop if your start being lightheaded.


A bone graft can prove challenging to heal, but following the tips above should ensure a quick, smooth recovery. Be consistent and patient with your dental health treatments, and don’t be shy to seek professional help if necessary. Visit our dental offices near you for a bone graft procedure and restore your smile.

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