Is it Possible to Repair a Denture Split in Half?

Aug 01, 2023

Dentures broken in half are known as prosthesis fractures. It negatively affects your everyday activities like eating, swallowing, or chewing. Usually, top dentures experience a prosthesis fracture. But it can also happen to a bottom denture.

A denture breakage is not a dental emergency that needs a visit to the urgent care clinic or emergency room. You can wait for several days to fix it. In the meantime, avoid using your denture. So if your broken denture is making it tough for you to open your mouth or smile, get it repaired by an experienced prosthodontist.

How Much Time Does it Take to Fix a Denture Broken in Half?

Treatment of a broken denture relies on the type, the extent of breakage, and how much time you can expect the fix to stay. For instant repair using restorative dentistry, call our dental office today. If you choose a dental clinic with an onsite lab, it will take a few weeks to fix broken dentures, depending on the dental laboratory you use.

What to Do for a Broken Denture?

A broken denture is a disaster to your smile and an embarrassing situation. Check out the things you can do:

Check it Completely

Firstly, explain what has happened. In a few cases, the damage will be significant.

Emergency Denture Repair

If you notice the pink acrylic coming out or have a tooth cracked, broken, or fall, you can address it temporarily at home before seeing the dentist. You can use a denture repair kit made for emergency repair. You can find it at your local pharmacies.

Contact the Dentist in Greeley CO

See the Greeley dentist if you have broken the denture in half. Explain what happened and then try to fix an appointment early as possible. The prosthodontist will repair the denture or replace it. Generally, the expert will repair it using acrylic.

Causes of Denture Breakage

Below are the top causes of partial & full denture breaks:

Dentures that Fail to Fit Properly

Dentures that do not fit properly can rub against the gums of patients. It causes soreness, which results in discomfort when wearing it.

Dropped Denture

Sometimes, dentures fall suddenly or when you take them out. It results in breakage. Although dentures are manufactured using a hard material, they can bend against pressure.

General Wear and Tear

Everyday wear and tear can result in denture fractures. The process is gradual. Usually, the changes in temperature pressure from chewing food make the denture wear down.

Breakage of Clasps

Clasps are built to retain the denture and secure it near your real teeth. Constant insertion and removal of dentures can put pressure on the clasps. Avoid biting your denture into place. Get immediate advice from your denturist if you see a clasps breakage.

Your Denture is Around Five Years Old

On average, dentures last for five years. Since they are manufactured using a man-made material, it becomes weak with time, resulting in broken dentures.

Replacement Choices Available When Denture Breaks in Half

Although you might be tempted to fix a broken denture on your own, there is a risk of damaging it more and requiring a replacement altogether. The cause of breakage and the type will impact whether or not you need to repair a denture. The dentist at Affordable Dental Clinics will discuss different replacement options for you according to your case.

  • If a denture does not fit properly, avoid putting it in the dustbin. You might need a denture adjustment for a good fit. This process usually requires a relining, which includes removing a denture base. The local dentist might take your gum impressions or add putty to the denture base.
  • For worn-down or old dentures, the expert may fabricate a new device.
  • In case of bone loss with a denture, the professional recommends an implant with an overdenture. It is tailored to fit more snugly and is bonded to the implants correctly.
  • The dentist will stick the denture parts together before sending them to the dental laboratory. After that, he/she will take a digital impression inside the repaired denture for the lab technician to rebase or reline it.

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