Seven Causes for Yellow Teeth with Solutions to Correct the Problem

Mar 01, 2022

Although not as discerning as other dental conditions, yellow teeth can impact your self-confidence and willingness to smile. Fortunately, enhancing the color of your teeth is straightforward, requiring you to change your eating habits and polish your oral hygiene regimen.

You may think using teeth whitening strips can change the color of your teeth. Unfortunately, unless you realize why you have yellow teeth, you find the challenge overwhelming and need help from a professional dentist to make your teeth appear whiter and brighter.

If you are unaware of the reasons for yellow teeth, we suggest you read this article which proves beneficial when you visit the dentist near you seeking a remedy for the discoloration.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

  1. Dentin

Your teeth appear yellow if the tooth enamel has weakened to show the dentin beneath. Dentin is the yellowish or brownish material beneath the enamel responsible for your yellow teeth. Enamel is thick and covers the dentin. However, it does not block stains building up on the surface, which is another reason for the yellowing of teeth.

  1. Genetics

Some families have yellow teeth as a congenital condition. If one of your parents has yellow teeth, you may also have a similar shade on your teeth. The four natural shades besides white are reddish-brown, reddish-yellow, grey, and reddish grey, and the depth of the color varies from dark to light.

  1. Antibiotics

If your parent had antibiotics when you were unborn, it is likely you may develop discoloration on your teeth when they are in the gums. Tetracycline and oxytetracycline cause yellow discoloration, while chlortetracycline causes grey-brown discoloration. Evidence suggests oxytetracycline causes minimum discoloration than other types of tetracyclines.

  1. Accidents

Impacts to your mouth besides sending you to the emergency dentist near Greeley, CO, seeking urgent treatment to save your tooth or alleviate the pain can also cause cracks in tooth enamel. The damages can lead to discoloration and indicate internal bleeding requiring professional attention.

  1. Age

Your teeth eventually become yellow as you age. Your aging wears your tooth enamel from chewing and exposure to foods and beverages with acids. Tooth discoloration is familiar among people with age because of the thinning of the enamel. Your teeth may also have a greyish shade when combined with long-lasting food stains.

  1. Smoking

Smoking isn’t merely detrimental to your health; it is also harmful to your smile and appearance because it leaves yellowish and brownish surface stains on your teeth. It is why dentists recommend you quit the habit as soon as possible.

  1. Foods and Beverages

Foods and beverages, by far, are leading culprits of tooth discoloration. For example, having tomatoes in pasta sauce, berries, and curry spices possessing pigments stick to the tooth enamel and stain the surface. You may think you are having a healthy salad with balsamic vinegar but will do well to understand the dressing leaves unsightly stains on your teeth. Beverages like tea and coffee are the leading culprits of yellow teeth. However, white and red wine do not lag along with dark and light sodas and sports drinks containing artificial flavors.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth?

If you have yellow teeth, dentists provide you with many solutions such as brushing, professional cleaning, whitening treatments, or dental veneers if the stains are stubborn. However, you must also help yourself by thoroughly brushing your teeth at least twice a day to prevent yellow surface stains, and flossing your teeth at least once a day is also an essential requirement.

If you want to tackle intrinsic stains on your dentin, visit your dentist for a professional cleaning. While undergoing the cleaning procedure, the dentist cleans away the unsightly bacteria and tartar gently before polishing your teeth. However, if you have surface stains on the enamel, preventing them from developing is better than seeking a cure. Cosmetic dentistry professionals treat intrinsic and extrinsic stains effectively using dental veneers or crowns if your teeth have sustained damages from tooth decay or injuries.

The optimal method to prevent yellowing of teeth is to avoid or limit the consumption of pigmented foods and beverages responsible for the yellowing of teeth. With multiple options available to whiten discolored teeth, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about the unsightly color.

If you cannot fix the yellow teeth at home comfortably his visit Affordable Dental Clinics, where they can offer you an excellent solution to regain your smile and self-confidence.

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