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What to Expect When Getting Your Teeth Bonded

Aug 01, 2020

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a versatile cosmetic dental procedure that improves or restores the appearance of a damaged tooth. A tooth-colored composite resin material is applied onto the tooth and left to harden and bond onto the tooth’s surface. Sometimes a special blue light may be used to make the resin dry faster and bond properly onto the tooth. The procedure can be used on teeth that are chipped, cracked, broken, stained or have spaces between them. Dental bonding is also used as an alternative to amalgam fillings. Patients that are considering changing the shape of their teeth, make their teeth longer or those that want to protect the tooth’s root that has been exposed by receding gums, can also benefit from the treatment.

What is the Procedure Like?

Getting your teeth bonded takes anywhere between 10-60 minutes and mostly requires a single dental visit. The procedure is minimally invasive and requires little preparation therefore you do not need to worry about recovery time. Immediately after the procedure you can return to your daily life activities without any worries.

Anesthesia is not required for this procedure unless you have extreme dental anxiety or you have an underlying condition that needs to be treated first. The actual bonding process begins with a selecting the right shade of composite-resin to match the color of your natural teeth. if the procedure is to fix a stained tooth, the resin color is matched to that of the flawless teeth. your dentist will present you with a shade guide and hold it close to your teeth for comparison.

After selecting the shade of the resin to be used, your teeth are gently sanded or roughened up with an etching solution. This is stage is very important as it allows the bonding material adhere properly onto your tooth. Composite-resin is a putty like material and can be easily carved and sculpted into the desired shape.

Thereafter the tooth is exposed to a blue light or laser which helps it to harden. Once hardened, the dentist will check if there is need for further trimming and smoothening before the tooth is polished to match the sheen of the other teeth.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

At Affordable Dental Clinic, we want all our patients to get the best outcome from every procedure. This is why we make sure to educate patients on all the procedures they undergo. Therefore, our dentist will make sure to teach you on how to care for your bonded teeth in order to extend their lifespan. Some of the care tips you need to follow include;

  • Continue to brush at least twice every day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss daily
  • Avoiding biting into hard objects like pens or hard foods like candy
  • Do not use your teeth as tools to open cans and bottles
  • For the first few days after the procedure, avoid taking tea, coffee or red wine to prevent staining. Also stay away from tobacco products to ensure your treatment lasts.
  • Make sure to observe all dental appointments as recommended by your dentist
  • In case of an accident that causes the bonding to chip or break, see your dentist immediately

Why Consider Dental Bonding?

Tooth bonding is a very affordable dental cosmetic procedure. it is also very fast and without any down time. So far, there haven’t been any major risks associated with the procedure. And although the composite-resin used is not strong as the tooth’s natural enamel, with proper care it can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. So, if you are looking for an affordable and versatile way to repair chipped teeth or any other form of cosmetic damage to your teeth, tooth bonding is your answer.

A great-looking smile is important for your self-esteem and confidence. For any queries on how to improve your smile with tooth bonding, book an appointment with Dr. Brown and his friendly and experienced team today for a personalized consultation.

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