Dental Bonding in Greeley, CO

Have you ever chipped or cracked a tooth? It is more common than you might think and can have a lasting effect on the health of your smile.

Chips and cracks are typically caused by biting down on something hard, but they can also appear as damage from an injury or as a result of poor oral hygiene.

What Is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a procedure where our dentist applies a composite resin material to a damaged tooth. The resin is then shaped to fill in gaps, repair chips, or hide cracks. Once the sculpting stage is complete, we harden the bonding with specialized lights and give it its final shape.

The bonding material becomes a semi-permanent part of the tooth. Patients are able to eat and chew like normal, but the cosmetic damage will no longer be visible to the naked eye.

The Benefits

There are many reasons why you might choose to invest in dental bonding. Some pick the procedure because it can hide cosmetic defects in the smile by smoothing over cracks and filling in chips or gaps. Because our dentist matches the shade of the bonding to that of your teeth, no one will ever be able to tell you had work done.

There are also practical benefits to bonding. It can be done to repair structural damage, which is at risk of worsening, such as a large crack that hasn’t broken through the enamel yet. A new surface for a tooth can also make it easier to bite and chew like normal.

How to Receive

If you are interested in dental bonding near you, call us at Affordable Dental Clinics in Greeley, CO to arrange a consultation. Our dentist will be able to tell if treatment is right for you and can get you started on the path to high-quality bonding.

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