Dental Bridges in Greeley, CO

Has your dentist recommended dental bridges for missing teeth? Neglecting missing teeth or gaps can lead to a host of problems and should be treated immediately.

Why You Should Consider Getting Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are affordable and personalized for every patient’s unique requirements. They help restore chewing, eating, and speaking functions and redistribute bite force to prevent overloading other teeth in the oral cavity.

Patients in Greeley, CO may also want to get bridges to restore their facial shape and keep other teeth from shifting into the empty space. Our team will be happy to explain the different types of dental bridges available, the benefits and associated costs.

Why Gaps in the Teeth Should Be Treated

Having missing teeth not only impacts your smile, but the negative consequences extend beyond looks alone. In fact, leaving gaps in the teeth unattended can result in an array of dental problems at a later stage.

Teeth May Start Super-Erupting

If you have a missing tooth in your upper arch, the corresponding lower tooth will super-erupt in an attempt to place itself into the space left behind. The constant movement eventually causes pain and headaches.

Other Teeth Take on Extra Load

Every tooth has its dedicated function to perform. When a tooth is missing, other teeth are forced to compensate and are exposed to excessive wear and tear. They may become more sensitive over time as the enamel wears thin.

Loss of Jawbone

This is a common problem that occurs at the site of the missing tooth. The jawbone slowly starts reducing over time as there is no longer a tooth to provide structure and stimulation to the jaw. This can also affect your facial structure.

Shifting of Teeth

Since the oral cavity is now in a state of imbalance (due to the missing tooth), other teeth begin to shift from their original positions. This causes their roots to become destabilized and also causes your dental arch to become misaligned.

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