Emergency Dentistry in Greeley, CO

Medical emergencies are some of the most terrifying things that can happen to a person. Dental emergencies are no exception. There’s no need to panic while looking for emergency dentistry in Greeley, CO. We have you covered here at Affordable Dental Clinics and will take good care of you.

Whether it’s pain, bleeding, or something else, we’ll be able to manage your dental emergency. Our dentist at Affordable Dental Clinics have years of experience dealing with these problems. The office is also equipped with all the tools they need to take good care of patients.

What Are Dental Emergencies

Pain isn’t always an emergency. Most dental problems are associated with toothache and pain, but that doesn’t make them emergencies. Emergencies are usually more severe and complicated. Those who have uncontrollable bleeding from their gums, for example, need to be seen immediately.

Serious dental infections like an abscess can’t be left without intervention. The more we delay treating them, the greater the risk they pose. Dental trauma should be dealt with immediately too. This includes loose or knocked-out teeth, which often cause great distress to patients.

In some cases, we can restore a knocked-out tooth. If that won’t be possible, we’ll take good care of your oral cavity so a replacement can be done at a later visit.

What You Can Do

Patients need to know a few basics that are similar to “first aid” for teeth. A loose tooth should be kept in its place as much as possible. Place a piece of cotton in your mouth and bite on it using the loose tooth to avoid moving it. A knocked-out tooth can be placed in a clean container and surrounded by saliva or milk. In both scenarios, take care not to swallow the tooth.

If the problem is a bad infection and you have a fever, you can take an antipyretic until you get here. Over the counter medications like ibuprofen will do. Any bleeding should be managed by constant pressure.

We can squeeze in dental emergencies between our scheduled visits. If we’re not available, we’ll provide you with temporary help and tell you where you can go.

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