Johnette Office Manager

With an impressive career spreading over 30 years in dentistry, Johnette excels as an Office Manager. Her journey through the vast expanse of dentistry encompasses profound expertise in orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery, showcasing her versatile and deep-seated knowledge of all facets of dental care.

Her academic journey led her to the University of Lafayette, Louisiana, where she pursued a degree in business, laying the foundation for her exceptional management skills and deep understanding of the operational aspects of dental practices. This educational background, combined with her extensive experience in dentistry, makes Johnette an invaluable asset to her team, adept at navigating the complexities of dental office management with ease and efficiency.

Outside the office, Johnette finds joy and relaxation in spending quality time with her friends and retreating to the tranquility of the mountains. These leisure moments are testaments to her belief in the importance of balancing professional commitments and personal rejuvenation.

Family is a cornerstone of Johnette’s life. She is a devoted mother to her son and shares her home with two beloved cats. This blend of professional achievement, dedication to family, and love for the simpler pleasures in life paints a picture of Johnette as a well-rounded, deeply committed individual in her professional sphere and personal life. Her journey is a remarkable example of how passion, expertise, and a love for life can harmonize to create a fulfilling career and a rich, rewarding personal existence.

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